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0.4 ~ A Steady Romance

August 17, 2014


Last Time:
Missie meet 2 possible homeless guys to be her mate. Tommie was glitched to high heaven. Edwardo made a very weird flirt.

0-4s-01 Edwardo: You’re Purty.
Edwardo looks awkward.

0-4s-02 But I guess it worked.
You know he looks like he is going to strangle her and not embrace her…

The typical steady question that happens 2 mins after meeting a potential spouse.

0-4s-04 Edwardo: …yeah.
He looks like he was sentenced to death. :/
Missie: Since, we’re dating can I see you naked.
Edwardo: O.o …yeah!

0-4s-05Edwardo: This isn’t what I had in mind.
Missie: move a to the left, sweetie.
She’s had this wish forever. I didn’t think it was good for Missie to sketch her great great grandson in the nude.

0-4s-06 Missie: I wish I had brought the easel out here.
My males parts have vanished so have a Ken doll style Edwardo.

0-4s-07 Missie: What do you think?
Edwardo: …. >:/

0-4s-08 Edwardo: …. >:/
WTF Missie thats not even naked!

Missie: Rwar!
Edwardo: EEEEEE!
They’re off to an interesting start.

0-4s-10 They went to go eat, but got as far as this then Edwardo ran off to do something.

Oooo. This is the first time I have ever seen this.
My dating style as a Sim sucks.
But apparently drawing someone nude, scaring them, then running off before the meal equals a perfect date.

0-4s-12 Awww First time they he shared the only bed on their lot.
Missie’s phone is glitched and wont stop ringing when she goes to bed. :/

The next day I invited Edwardo out for another date.0-4s-13 They toured the theatre.

0-4s-14 Then had their first kiss and posted it all over the interwebs.

Fire went up another level. 😀

0-4s-16 He hasn’t done a renovation for a while. He just paints.

0-4s-17 And adopts a puppy.
Missie: PUPPY!

0-4s-18 Snaggles: I am a watch dog!
Missie: Puppy! Puppy! Puppy!

0-4s-19 Missie got an opportunity from work to gain a martial arts skill.
Since we didnt have the money to travel, but had enough for the item, I buydebuged it.

0-4s-20 Its going… well?

0-4s-21 Fire is still painting.

0-4s-22 Snaggles peed and is playing in it. Yuck.

0-4s-23 But look how adorable he is.

0-4s-24It was here I realized that Missie dumped Lindor outside and left him there.
Lindor: …?

0-4s-25 Fire: Morning, Grandma!
She’s still jogging everywhere. She still is at level 6.

Sims are funny.
Fire: You had to wait until you were straight across from us to cross?
Missie: Yep!

Fire: Hello, Lindor. I haven’t held you since you hatched.

Fire: Okay Lindor, back to the ground with you.
NO! He’s going into your pocket.
Fire: aww.

HA! You had your chance Robin!

Fire: I can multitask too. Please dont leave me.
awww, baby. I never will. I’ll bring you over to the Sims 4 if I ever stop playing the Sims 3.

Another day, another date:0-4s-31 Missie: I am a sun goddess.
Edwardo: Yay! *claps*

PLUMBOB! It’s snowmen!
Its the middle of summer and they’re still here.

0-4s-33 Why are these ones black?

0-4s-34 Nothing says good date like a mind game of Chess.

0-4s-35 Note the seriousness.

0-4s-36 Edwardo: I can cook!
I think he’s desperate.

0-4s-37 Fire is still painting.

0-4s-38 These two got a quick cuddle in before Missie had to run off to work.

He’s locked in the house all day so who the crap do think Fire is?


Fire: Toot!

0-4s-42 He’s a mix mash of traits. He gets startled by Missie a lot.

0-4s-43 But Snaggles and Fire are the best of friends. Probably because they’re the only person they see during the day.

0-4s-44 Apparently our mailman was pissed today.

0-4s-45 Fire: Sigh…

0-4s-46 I’ve heard rumours that the bills in the Sims 4 are going to be horrendous.
More “realistic”.

And then they broke up. They ended up naming their baby girl Tammie.
Possible spouse for the heir if we ever have one?

0-4s-48 Edwardo and Missie go out on daily dates. Usually for food since Missie sleeps late then they go out and she needs to eat before she works.

0-4s-49 Missie: You bring so much light into my life.
Aww he looked up at the speech bubble.

0-4s-50 Snaggles has been busy.

Edwardo: *should I tell her how I feel about her?*

0-4s-52 I dont think she gave him much of a chance.
And then Missie had to work.

But on the way home she completed a challenge. 😀

0-4s-54 Fire:  You go get a gem and bring it back to me.
Snaggles: da fuq?

0-4s-55 This painting marks a momentous occassion!

He maxed his Painting Skill on it! 😀

And then Missie was arrested.

0-4s-58 But she aged into an adult. 😛

0-4s-59 So she returned to work. :3

0-4s-60 Then walked right back out,

0-4s-61 Got into a cab and went to jail.
Sims I’ll never understand them.

0-4s-62 When Missie was released she went straight to city hall and sued for Slander.
Someone was spreading around town she had been arrested.
I wonder why.

Even more surprising she won.
Missie: I’m awesome. BD

0-4s-64 A rare family moment.
Edwardo was calling.

0-4s-65 I finally redid the kitchen so Fire went out to buy some food.

0-4s-66 Missie had her days off so I had her work on that Martial Arts opportunity.

0-4s-67 She hasn’t been hit by it yet.

0-4s-68 And I bought a board breaker, since she wished to break some boards.
Missie: I am a god!
Those are Styrofoam boards, Sweetie.


Not much happened this time. Missie and Edwardo are taking it slow. She hasnt been rolling wishes towards him, but he’s constantly calling her. I dunno what will happen there.

Next Time:
Missie is already an adult, and we need to get this legacy on the road. I would like the heir and at least 1 spare.

A Look at the Sims 4 Create-A-Sim Demo

August 16, 2014


I started looking into the Sims 4. I preordered it a while back but haven’t looked into it, until last night. Given how well the sims 3 base game was made, I figured the Sims 4 would be just as good.

I understand that features added in with the expansions wouldn’t be in the base game, but I had heard that they removed toddlers and pools. I can understand the pools, but to remove a life stage seems stupid.

Pools would be nice to have but for what they’ve said they’ve done to build mode I can wait for them. There are different ways to kill Sims. >:P

The toddler lifestage wasn’t in the Sims 1 so a baby went straight to being a child when they aged up, then they were stuck at childhood until you killed them off or sent them to military school. Then you never saw them again.


I downloaded the Create a Sim demo, it looks out of place with all my Sims 3 games and expansions. XD


I like the touch and move features, you can make a really awkward Sim in just a matter of minutes. You can easily spend hours making the perfect Sim.

The one thing that bugged me was the fact there was palette choices and no Create a Style.


I figured it was the demo and Create a Style would be added in for the full game. This was just a demo after all.

But I looked into it, because the preset syles and colours annoyed the hell out of me.

Sims4-06 The tweet is just about a year old, but the demo is only about a month old, so the absence of Create A Style is probably going to continue. :<

This means Rainbowacy’s are gonna be hard to do. Because trying to dress someone in one solid colour is hard to do.

I dressed this randomized Sim in purple.
She is wearing a purple tweed jacket, a pencil like stripped skirt, and running shoes.
She looks like she got dressed in the dark.

The jacket would look better in not tweed, but the purple is only available in tweed, and the purple skirt is nly available in that striped pattern, unless you want to go with a different colour. The running shoes are fine, but I she would have looked 100 times better in heels, but the only purple heels look pink.

The omission of Create a Style is a big loss for me. I love my rainbowacy and was even thinking of transfering them over to the Sims 4, but without Create a Style I can’t.

And because of Create A Style missing hairstyles took a hit.


These are the colour available for hairstyles.
Missie’s purple is gone, and not only that this is the entire choice.

You want a Fire red? Too bad it’s not there.
You want a blue between the blue and cyan? well suck it up.
Deep Purple? Light Green? Forest Green? Light Pink?
Nope. Too bad for you.

The Sims 3 let you choose 4 colours.
1) The Roots
2) Base
3) Highlights
4) Roots

Even the Sims Medieval let you choose 2 colours:
1) Base
2) Hightlights
3) Hairpieces that are not hats (metals, gemstones, flowers)

Speaking of hats:


Instead of having hairstyles with hats or hairstyles without hats, they have it so hats can go on any hairstyle, and any style can wear a hat. 😀


Overall, I found myself going “I wish I could do it in this colour.” “Why is this shirt design only available in one colour?” “I can’t find a skirt to go with this colour of shirt.” “Where the hell is Create a Style?!” “Why are there only 3 traits?”

I did like the ease of moulding my sims and some of the other little features like leggings are now included, hats are wearable for every hairstyle, and you can choose a walk style.

I’ve create a Sims 4 Sim and plan to use her in a Sims 4 legacy challenge. But we’ll see what happens on September 2.

Cuz right now when I play the demo all I want to do is play the Sims 3.


August 10, 2014

Well, its now a few weeks after Ai-kon, and I’ve been busy looking for new cons, and products for my art. :3

Unfortunately my bad hand has now been diagnosed with severe carpal tunnel syndrome, and I now get to wear a brace 24/7 which is a pain in the ass to type with. Plus I’ve now got a good chance of having a surgery done of my wrist now as well as my hand. yay…

Now on to the sims!


Last Time:
I tried to get Missie together with Robin, and Robin decided to have a baby with someone else.

0-1s-01 I started my game and this is where I had left it.
Apparently I wanted some Fire eye candy wen I last played. ;P

0-1s-02 Fire was invited to a pool party at this lovely poolless home.

0-1s-03 Fire: Why did you invite me? I added a room to your house once… and you don’t even have a pool.
Lady whose name I can’t remember: I needed some eye candy at this party.

0-1s-04 Fire: awkward…
He was also the only guest invited. >.>

0-1s-05 Missie on the other hand decided to stay home and sleep.

0-1s-06 Nice going.
Missie: My work here is done.
You know you are illegally squatting, right?

0-1s-07 Missie wanted to take a class in Athletics.
But what is that on the ground.

0-1s-08 Weird Blob: I could go for a nap…

0-1s-09 Some people were hanging out at one of the venues so I sent Missie to investigate.


You just said hello to the guy.
Weird glitch but whatever.

About freaking time.

0-1s-13 Missie: Are you looking for love too?
Aaron: What?


0-1s-15 So I turned Missie’s attention to the beautiful Sarah.
Missie: POOLS!


Why is everyone married in this town?

I finally gave up and sent Missie to bed…
on the bench. 😛

Fire has been working hard on auto to receive a promotion.

0-1s-20 He’s been autopainting like a mad man.

0-1s-21 In his pajamas.
Fire: Why would I get dressed? There are no firefighters here, ever.
That is true. Emptiest fire station I’ve ever seen.


The funny thing is she has never driven a car before and always cabs everywhere. 😛

0-1s-24 Since she was promoted I had her wait for her boss Teagan, so they could hang out.
Robin: *sneaky sneaky*
I still think you’re an asshole, Robin.

0-1s-25 Teagan: Rockets and world destruction
Missie: Llamas and My Little Pony.
Surprisingly, they have a full friendship bar and are the bestest friends.
Teagan is also Missie’s boss.

Bestest Friends, but Missie knows none of her traits.

0-1s-26 I dunno why she changed into her uncandied work clothes.

0-1s-27 And then Missie changed into her everyday clothes.
Dog: She leaves her dirty dishes everywhere!

0-1s-28 Missie stayed the night and Seamus came in.

0-1s-29 So of course I sent her over to say hello.
Seamus checked her out.
It was a good sign.

0-1s-30 Missie: He’s married.
Damn it!

Later that night.

0-1s-31 Missie: Flies are awesome.
Once-Ler: I’m confused. I was just in a truffula tree valley and now I’m here.
I was watching the Lorax and threw the pre-transformed Once-ler into the town.

Missie is 4 days away from adult hood.  We need to get a spouse to get this legacy going.

0-1s-33 I went back to their home lot and found this little guy.
I named him Candy since he about during this Generation.

0-1s-34 I’ve been working on the house. The master bedroom is almost done. :3

0-1s-35 Missie: hmmm…
Missie: hmmm…
….okay then

0-1s-36 Fire is still painting away. I think he’s at level 7 now.

And he was promoted to level 6 on top of it. 😀

0-1s-38 Holy crap he got dressed.
Fire: My pyjamas were smelling.
Gee I wonder why.  /sarcasm

0-1s-39 Fire: Nice to see you.
Missie: *shoves food into her face hole*
Fire: …really? We haven’t even seen each other in 2 weeks and this is what you do?
Missie works nights and Fire works days. They’re lucky if they pass each other in the hallway.

Missie got another promotion.

And it was at this point that I cleaned up my sims 3 files and reinstalled my store stuff.

Missie now has 5 days to adulthood instead of 1. XD

0-1s-42 Missie: one more promotion…
Girl, it’s getting hard to keep your athletic skill up with all these promotions.

0-1s-43 I have Missie jog home from work, then when she wakes up she jogs over to the firestation, where she eats breakfast, then she chats with someone, then she goes to work. And rinse and repeat.

I like my sims to be at the top of that white area for their jobs.
Missie is being difficult and likes to stay two away from that. :/

Fire got another promotion.

0-1s-46 They finally had enough money to move into their home, with some supplies. :3

Missie randomly rolled wishes towards two guys Tommie Kohler and Edwardo Coleman, so I set up stuff with Tommie.

Unfortunately all I could do with Tommie was call him over and ask him to pose. Even added him to the household using Nraas and all he could do was scare Missie.

0-1s-48 Since you cant build a relationship on being scared all the time. I shipped him off.

0-1s-49 Tommie now lives with the Once-Ler and I still cant interact with him. :/

So I invited Edwardo over.

Edwardo: Hey Missie. 😀
Missie: The ice cream truck seems to be stuck.

0-1s-51 Edwardo: You’re purty.

I think I’ll end it here.

Next Time:
Is Edwardo destined for Missie? Will Missie ever get hitched? Will I ever stop being lazy and let Fire do another renovation? Will they adopt a puppy or a kitten? Will Fire get the horse he wont stop rolling for? Will I say screw everything and send Missie to the hospital for a sperm donation so she can get this legacy going finally?

0.2 ~ Spouse Hunting

July 17, 2014

I thought I posted this here…
well late update is better then no update.

Also a second conformation from a different doctor about the permanent nerve damage.
My hand will never stop hurting, how much depends on what happens now. Sad smile
There is also talk about recommending me to a hand specialist and chances are high that I have surgery on my hand to try to repair some of the damage.


Last Time:
We rebooted this legacy.

0-1s-01 Fire is continuing his quest of being a hot design hotshot.
And being just okay at it.

Missie received an invite to a party from a co-worker.
Yay! Potential spouse!

0-1s-03 Plumbob I hate it when sims throw parties then don’t even bother to attend their own party.

0-1s-04 Missie played with Lindor for a bit before we gave up and went to the station for the night.

0-1s-05The next day Fire got a job at this house…

0-1s-06wow…ea…you just barfed all over this house.
I wondered who own this mess.

um… EA he doesnt live in a rainbowacy town so wtf is wrong with him.
Having Fire stand next to him tones him down.

Thanks dude. Maybe you should have your house completely recoloured.

0-1s-09Missie has the day off so she has been improving her athletic skill.

We finally had enough money to afford a nice bed.
And then I promptly stored it cuz I don’t want any burglars to steal the only thing they own.

0-1s-11 Missie: Robin do you want to hang out?
Party dude gets invited over to the station. She works with him so he has high potential.

0-1s-12He came over and made espresso for everyone. And Missie went to bed.
I think she wanted to give him a taste of what he did to her.
So far, he seems like a potential spouse.

Then I noticed this.
How did it even?


I don’t understand.


0-1s-17Fire: Yay. I got my award…. PLUMBOB! IS THAT A DEER!
Um… yes?

0-1s-18Fire: It’s so pretty. I could watch it for hours.

and so he did.
Policeman: It’s well after midnight, that brightly dressed dude must be up to something suspicious.
Fire: deer… 🙂
Policeman: oh, he’s just watching that awesome deer… or is he?

0-1s-20Fire: I could sleep here watching this deer.
Policeman: Seriously, do something evil, I’m bored.
Deer: LIGHTNING! –_–

0-1s-21Missie had time before work so I had her watch the cooking channel.

0-1s-22I love her work jeans 😛

0-1s-23Missie: Hi! My name is Missie and I’m going to work now.
Random Person: WTF is wrong with you?
That should tell you not to call her.

0-1s-24And off to work she goes.
Missie: Wheeeeeeee!

0-1s-25I had start on painting.

So he can level up his career faster.

Why what was she doing? Placing boxes of condoms in carts when people aren’t paying attention? Hiding in clothing racks then jumping out at people going “Pick me! Pick me!”? Asking people if they’ve seen her imaginary friends?

Why do criminal sims run for the cop car? Why not run the other way? You know away from the police?

… seriously he’s not even in the car? he was way behind her. *facepalm*
Missie: Lets go! I want to play with Lindor!

Officer: Please wait here, Miss Kaliedo, And please ignore these unrendered objects.

Missie: *stands there like a good girl*
Missie: He told me I would get candy if I listened.

Really?! You’re concerned over the book she has? Not the freaking dragon?

Ooooo Chi!
Fire: It shall be my best work yet.
It will be. I’ve seen the finished product in other games.

No shit Sherlock. –.–

Freak snow storm.

Missie: Hi! I’m heading to work again! It’s nice talking to you!
Why does this person call every morning at 9?

You suck Robin.

0-1s-38Fire: zzzz….death….
We rebooted! No more dying like in the original!

0-1s-39I’ve missed her so much.

0-1s-40Missie: Morning Lindor! Who’s a pretty dragon?
Lindor: O_O

Lindor: Nwaaaaaaar!
Missie: o_o
You two were meant for each other.

0-1s-42Missie: Good boy!
That coffee that Robin made is still there? You guys really need to clean up.



Next Time:
Stuff Happens

Stores Launch

July 1, 2014

Launched both Etsy and Storenvy stores today. 😀

I also have a store on Society6, the website does all the printing and shipping, but I get almost nothing in return. :/ But it has some things on it I normally would not be able to offer, like laptop skins, mobile phone skins, clocks, pillows, etc.

Also I’m getting ready for Ai-kon, a local con. I was on the waiting list for a table since Outlook decided not to send the automatic email I had set up and the tables sold out in 23 mins and I ended up sending it in 1.5 hours after it opened. :/ But I got a table! \o/ I have had about a month to prepare and now I have about 8 days until we leave. 😀

In other news, I just found out I have permanent nerve damage in my left hand. I had my hand crushed at work last June between a 1,000 pound cart and a concerte wall (I mentioned it here a few times). Nothing was broken at the time and I went for about 5 months of physio but the pain never stopped and it was getting worse recently and it keeps going numb so I went back to the doctor. I found out last Wednesday. And kinda have had a bipolar week, being depressed over my hand and excited for Ai-Kon. I now have to fight for physio through worker’s comp since they don’t like to pay for this type of injury. Plus the Store Manager at my job told me “just toughen up, tell your body enough is enough, and work through the pain. Eventually you’ll get used to it.” which is making my job more difficult.

I’m trying to quit my job but can’t find anything (ive been looking for about 2 years and am barely getting interviews, same for some of my friends, there are no jobs where I live and I’ve been even looking to relocate to a bigger city. :/). I’ve set up a Patreon to try to become an independent artist. :3

The Kaliedo legacy has kinda gone on to the back burner at least until I get back from Ai-kon.


Suggestions are welcome for prints/buttons, I may even send you, your suggestion in its final form. ;P
After Ai-kon I will be looking into Acrylic Charms and Stickers so suggestions for those are welcome too, but they may take a while.

0.1~ Candy Reboot

April 26, 2014

I have made a decision… kind of. I keep going back and forth between 2 and this one seems to be the more sane option.

1) I never really got to play with Missie for long, since she committed suicide.
2) I had the options of Kirby and Elissa, Jacques, Cream Soda, Ichigo (lol no), and Shrimp for Gen Pink. And I really didnt want to have more Kirby/Elissa babies >.> and everyone but Shrimp and Jacques were elders in the last update and if I was going to replay the gen I wanted to do it with Kirby and Elissa.
3) I had the options of Fire or Autumn for the gen orange. Autumn had a nice long life married to her lesbian Imagine Friend. I dont think she had children, and she was also an elder.

Number 4 was the deciding factor, I am sick of Orange and Pink.

This update is dedicated to missmiserie since she was the only one who answered my questions. Thanks so much.

Missie got a make over.

01 - Missie

I switched out Vehicle Enthusiast for Excitable and Slob for Kleptomanaic, since she showed no love for vehicles except to name the car, and she  cleaned up after herself.
Once she was a ghost she loved to steal and she was very excitable. So yeah. Traits changed.

Her LTW also changed to Master Thief.

She looks like a big ball of cotton candy Smile with tongue out😛

And because I didn’t feel like setting up a new town, we are starting Monday at 1pm. Smile with tongue out

0-1s-03 Oh yeah. Fire is here too. ^^
Missie and Fire are “siblings” so Missie doesn’t try to date her grandson and Fire doesn’t try to date his grandmother.

Apparently changing him from a faerie to a human changed his LTW on us.
Fire: I suddenly feel like changing the interior design of homes.

And here is Fire’s traits: 0-1s-05I didn’t put his LTW in, since he is still immortal and I’m gonna change his LTW after he finishes one. He’s gonna be my LTW guinea pig, which is why he’s here.

I also updated his wardrobe’s colour palette to include his favourite colour.

Missie promptly got a job in her LTW’s field.

And Fire got a job in his current LTW’s field.

0-1s-08 Fire: That was the weirdest city hall I have ever been in.

You don’t even have kids.
Fire: I left Missie at home alone.

0-1s-10 Missie: Help!
I send the two of them for a workout.
Missie needs it for her LTW, and Fire cuz I didn’t fee like micromanaging.

0-1s-11 heh cute.

0-1s-12 They were exactly in sync. Smile with tongue out😛

To the firestation!
Why yes I did familyfund them down to $0.

0-1s-13 This reminds me of the old days.

0-1s-14 Stupid marshmallows barely touched their hunger so they ate quick meals as well.
Missie: This tastes yucky… :/
Fire: Just pretend it’s a gourmet dish.

0-1s-15 Oh firestations, what would legacies do without you…especially the $0 legacies.


I like how no one put the fire out.

Breakfast time.
I ❤ Fire.

And Missie heads to her first day on the job as a criminal.
I don’t think she’ll ever get caught. Smile with tongue out😛

While Missie was at work, Fire got his first job.
Adding a writing room,

for this heavily pregnant Chloe.
Fire: Are you sure you shouldn’t be sitting down?
Chloe: Baby bump, baby bump, baby bump!

And on the way upstairs, Chloe went into labour.
Chloe: hos…pit…al…

And so Fire took Chloe to the hospital.

Her husband showed up a little later.

She had a little girl named Sophia.
Potential spouse later maybe?

After all that Fire had to go back to Chloe’s house to turn in the renovation still.
Fire: I know I had a ride in a taxi but I sure didn’t see one.

Chloe’s inspecting it, while Fire stands outside the new room guarding it against labour pains.
Fire: No more!

Fire got an Okay review, but I forgot to take a screenshot.

Making Hot Dogs.
I hate these legacy fire death traps. But they needed something more filling then the Quick Meals.

Apparently if you pick up a Dragon Egg in someone else’s house you can put it in your Inventory.

so… Fire stole the egg from Chloe.
And without the Klepto Trait.

It’s Green… maybe.
It’s hard to tell.

Fire gave up on the dragon to flip some dough around.

0-1s-31 I named it Lindor. I was craving chocolate.
Missie: It’s now mine.

Thats all for this time.

Next time hopefully we meet a potential spouse.

2.6 ~Corruption

March 1, 2014


Last Time:
We took a trip to Egypt for a Couple’s Retreat, and picked up a dog.

And then Winterfest happened and it was awesome! I got a sylveon plushie at it too.

Nope I don’t see anything wrong with this.
Elissa: What? I’m watching the Dedennes.
While decapitating one with your leg and deafening the other. >.>

Mjem: Papa is playing with me! *Crying with joy*
Kirby: Here it comes!

Mjem: SCHREEECH! *Crying in pain*
Kirby: Com’on! I didn’t even throw it that hard!
Dude I think you are losing patience with raising children.

And then I installed Into the Future!





One trip to the doctors to get virus removal done later.


One reinstallation of the sims 3 completed.



Riggggght. So I haven’t had backup saves of my Legacy since 2 laptops ago…
but I do have some of Gen Pink up on my Sims 3 page, but I don’t want to replay Gen Orange.

I will see if I can’t dig up any Orange gen members and I will decide from there.